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PERF exists to help active and retired postal employees, both management and craft, whose home, as a result of a major natural disaster was completely destroyed or left uninhabitable--displacing the postal employee and their family for an extended period of time. The Fund provides small relief grants to assist qualifying victims of such circumstances re-establish residence and to help replenish basic necessities in the aftermath of a devastating loss. If you have been a victim of a major disaster and meet the criteria described above or would like to donate to the fund, we urge you to visit the PERF website (www.postalrelief.com) for assistance and information.

Message from DR Monte Hartshorn concerning Rural Carrier Academy Trainer Position

Rural Carriers

Opportunity awaits!

There is a need for Rural Academy Trainers in the Portland District!

Here is your opportunity to share your passion for your career!

 Join our team, help create our legacy!

 Classroom instructors shall have a minimum of one-year experience as a rural carrier.

         Anyone interested please contact Learning Development & Diversity at


Below are applications for the August and September openings


Application for Rural Academy Ad

Rural Carrier Adhoc Vacancy August 2020

Rural Carrier Adhoc Vacancy Sept 2020

National Convention Canceled



After considerable discussion, extensive research, consultation with numerous government officials and public health experts, and input from state presidents and their boards, the National Board has decided that in order to best protect the safety and health of our craft and our loved ones, the most prudent course of action is to cancel the 2020 National Convention.  Please see the National website for more information

Important Message from DR Monte Hartshorn Please Help!

I want all rural carriers to be aware that management should be providing masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes. The hand sanitizer should be in a small bottle that should be taken with us on the route.  When the bottle gets low, it should be refilled from the office supply.  Each office should have disinfecting wipes or a cleaning station where we can use some cloth rags and a bleach solution to wipe down the vehicle that we will be using on the route.  

Please immediately notify your assigned steward if any of these items are missing or not available.  We must have these items, and if they are not provided we will notify the District office.  We are asking everyone to be our eyes on this matter.

 #Stay Safe #Social Distancing
Monte Hartshorn Portland District Representative
PO Box 321 Castle Rock, Washington 98611

Important message from ORRLCA President Scott Murahashi and the State Board

It brings us great sadness to announce the cancellation of the upcoming State Convention that was to be held in Medford at the Rogue Regency Inn. Further details will follow as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding and please stay safe!


Thank you,
Scott Murahashi
ORRLCA President
PO Box 96
Odell, OR 97044


Important Notice


District 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 District meetings as well as the Spring State Board meeting are postponed due to meeting restrictions during the Coronavirus pandemic.  Also, the Western States conference is cancelled.  Please watch this space for more information when we are able to re-schedule these meetings.   


Thank you and Stay Safe!